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UX Design

We at Digihive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understand the importance of design in a website. UX design or user experience is to provide the user the comfort in the website designing usability, usefulness, and desirability. It is the UX design which make things and content to find for the end user. Our UX designer deliver the website or webstore which gives user the comfort, enjoyment, and the clarity. We at Digihive create UX design to match the credible, transparent, and proficient website. Our UX designer concentrates on making user experience the comfort and confidence in the website. Therefore, when working on UX design we ask three questions why, what, and how. Why is more about values and views, what features the functionality and how is the work which UX designer does to design beautiful and easy to access website.

To know more in detail about UX design services of Digihive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. send us an enquiry below and our team will get connected with you at the earliest.

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UI Design

User interface (UI) design is the process done by the designers for building interfaces in software with focus on looks or style. The user interfaces is designed to give user a pleasurable experience which is also easy to use. UI design refers to graphical user interfaces in website designing.

User interfaces is an access to user to interact with designs. In Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) the users interact on desktop with visual representations on digital control panels.
To give our clients the best UI design experience, we take care of the following:

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Responsive Design

Responsive website is the advance development to mobile version. Almost every website owner looks for mobile version of their website. It is essential also because market flourish with different electronic gadgets and different screen resolution. With so many screen sizes, different browsers, and browsers it becomes challenging for the designer. Therefore, all best and latest websites are made with the approach in which both design and development responds as per the user behavior. Meaning the same website will open appropriately with any distortion at all different devices. That is, responsive websites are free from screen size, platform, and orientation.

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Logo Design

Logo design of any organization is very vital. The logo talks not only about the company name but also can express the company mission. The logo should be precise but speak loudly. We here at Digihive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. make customised and professional logos. All parameters like colour of the logo, the company’s name & the nature of work are taken care by our team of designers.

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Flyer and Mailer

The main reason to get the flyer is to get the prospective customer for your business. Flyer and mailer advertisement is one of the sales and marketing efforts. It is also an effort to target the potential leads. It is to show the perspective clients show that how your service is a solution to their problem.
We design flyers with complete competency and taking in consideration all the parameters for a flyer to be effective in generating qualitative leads:

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